Pastor’s Conference Orissa India Posted June 14, 2013 by Karen Brooks


Dear Partners, Friends, and Family,

Ministering at Leadership Conference in Orissa, India

Ministering at Leadership Conference in Orissa, India

After two years of planning for a leadership conference in the state of Orissa, it was finally realized. A total of 180 leaders and pastors were in attendance and received the dynamic truths of Christ’s Redemption. Many of the pastors who attended had never received any formal seminary or Bible College training. These truths ignited them.

The orange booklet above provided the pastors with 14 pages of my translated notes in Oryia. These notes provided foundational teachings in redemption.

Like Dharamsala, the state of Orissa is also restricted; which means it is hostile towards Christianity. Christians cannot sell, distribute Christian literature, broadcast, or propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These precious believers were the same who suffered at the hands of the Hindu extremists in 2008. Savage killings, destruction of property and businesses were still visible today.

Books Distributed to Pastors

Books Distributed to Pastors

Your generous giving enabled us to put into these pastor’s hands “10 Gospel Basics.” For many, this was the only Christian book, besides their Bible that they owned! As I shared the titles of these chapters, great outbursts of joy revealed the value they saw in having this book. Thank you so much for your generous giving towards this trip and for supplying this book!  Our labors together are making a difference in India!

The pastors were greatly blessed as evidenced by their comments below:

  • “This teaching on new creation realities were so unique and new for me.” says Pastor Pradhan.
  • “The teachings on redemption redeemed my world view and I believe that everyone who will hear the teachings will never be the same.” says Pastor Subash
  • “It is a challenge but important to create biblical culture in our respective churches,” says Pastor Sanjay
  • Other pastors, gave thanks for organizing such informative teaching seminar and looking forward to have the teachings once again.
  • “We as a family want to say thank ou, your family and your partners for coming and blessing our people. We are looking forward to have some geat teachings.” Rev. Diga

Pastors joyfully receiving books

Pastors joyfully receiving books

We have been asked to return next year. Rev Surjit explains “There are still 263 churches in the state of Orissa that need to hear this message! God has put it on my heart to write a book in Oriya so that they will have a book in their language. Some pastors could not read English, so declined the book we offered.

It will cost money to have these books translated and published in India. You can help put this book in these leaders hands by donating your tax deductible gift online on my website or by mailing your check to Karen Brooks Ministries Int’l and putting in the memo line “Book Distribution.”

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT!  Together you and I are impacting the world with the dynamic truths of Christ!  With this knowledge people gain a greater knowledge of their identity in Christ, God’s great love for them, and their purpose as they realize their partnership with Christ who indwells them.

God bless you!