About Karen’s Ministry

Karen Brooks’ journey with Christ began in the summer of 1971 while studying at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center School of Nursing. Since that beginning, her passion has been to share the message of Jesus Christ and God’s great love to people.

Karen Brooks’ national and international ministry includes: Classroom instruction in Bible Colleges and Seminaries, and also Women, Pastor and Leadership Conferences. In the past 7 years she has traveled and ministered in 10 nations around the world. Whether she is teaching in the slums of India, in Bible colleges or seminaries, in the underground churches in Vietnam, or to women in devastated Port au Prince, she brings a message that empowers and encourages believers in their walk with Christ and brings salvation to the lost.

Karen Brooks’ mission is to equip believers in Christ so that they can continue His work in the earth beginning with their own nation. Empowering national leaders to do the work of Christ not only makes them less dependent upon foreign missionaries, but it gives them a new sense of dignity and purpose.

Karen Brooks’ message of redemptive truths and her visible presence bring awareness that women are important and vital in God’s plan in advancing His Kingdom. It is the teaching and example of Jesus that liberates and brings great dignity to women!

About Karen’s Background

Shortly after graduating from nursing school, she attended California Center for Biblical Studies in Culver City, CA 1974. In 1992 she completed the 3-year Rhema Bible Correspondence Course. In 2005 she and her husband, David Brooks, graduated from Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa, OK.

It was while she and her husband were in Tulsa, that they became connected with the Osborn Ministry and International Gospel Center. This ministry provided great mentoring in proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel truths that bring miraculous results.

Besides having an active role today in her local church and international ministry, she is married 32 years to David Brooks, a mother of 2 sons, and a grandmother.